Intertwined Ecotours

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Intertwined Ecotours Corporation was founded on July 11th, 2013. Founder and Director Jenna Duarte began working in the Zoological industry in 2002, where she was connected with local conservation organizations in California. Feeling the need to do more, Jenna started seeking out other conservation opportunities outside the country. After working with rehabilitation and release projects in Costa Rica and Peru, she found that these incredible organizations were seriously in need of more volunteer and financial help. There the idea for Intertwined Ecotours first blossomed.

Intertwined Ecotours began as a connecting base for nature – its beauty, mysteries, and inhabitants – and people who have grown increasingly distant from their origins. We crave to observe first-hand trees taller than skyscrapers, waterfalls in hidden canyons, troupes of monkeys in their natural habitats, and other natural wonders that are rapidly changing and disappearing. Where these treasures are found, there are also local efforts in need of support and greater awareness to preserve and protect them.

On our quest to Save the Planet, we start by working closely with conservation organizations for the preservation and protection of endangered and threatened species in Costa Rica. Using the Scarlet macaw as our flagship species, we are educating communities in Costa Rica about the importance of protecting wildlife and working with them to monitor a reintroduced population of these birds.

Intertwined Ecotours is a nonprofit corporation. Our business model focuses on minimal operational costs and transparency of use of donations and sponsorships. We build partnerships with organizations that support sustainability and conservation. Through ecotourism, we are able to raise funds to support local conservation and provide jobs for indigenous people. We simultaneously create a connection between our travelers and their incredible experiences in nature on our trips, increasing their appreciation for our intertwined existence.