Jazmin Massa

Jazmin Massa

“Adopt a Ranger” Project Coordinator

Jazmin was born and raised in San Diego,California and has always fostered a strong connection with nature and wildlife. She has recently graduated from Miami University, with a masters degree in conservation biology & zoology. Over the course of her graduate career, she has focused on bridging the gap between the public and global conservation issues. Jazmin has been fortunate to travel to Africa, Costa Rica and Belize to participate in various types of community based conservation efforts. As a passionate wildlife advocate, Jazmin strives to be a voice in the conservation world to inspire people to take action in wildlife conservation efforts.

During her undergraduate career at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Jazmin rekindled her passion to help wildlife while working as an elephant seal husbandry intern . She also pursued her passion for education, working to develop and implement school programs at Natural Bridges State Beach.

After achieving her dual bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences, she started her career working as an informal educator at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, educating guests of the importance of various African and Asiatic wildlife. Currently, she works in the mammal department at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and is pursuing her dream career as a zookeeper .

Jazmin first became involved with Global Conservation Force in the spring of 2016 when she co-hosted a fundraiser with the organization. Since then, she has been assigned as the new project coordinator for Global Conservation Force. In her new role, Jazmin will revamp the “Adopt a Ranger” program to aid rangers in need of sponsorship for the necessary training and gear to continue to fight on the front lines of the anti-poaching war. Jazmin is thrilled to be a part of the team and is passionately excited to continue to connect her community and take action in conservation.