• Conservation NGOs and Conservation Canines Working Together to Combat Wildlife Crime

    In January 2021, the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Canine Unit welcomed four 18-month-old female Belgian Malinois to the team to…

  • Trauma and Tactical Care Under Fire and Firearms Courses for Rangers

    Over the past two weeks, we have had instructors presenting sponsored Trauma and Tactical Care Under Fire and Firearms Courses…

  • GCF Sponsors Ranger with K9 Dog Handler Certification Course

    Meet LT, Denali’s, GCF Belgian Malinois, forever handler! LT, another locally selected recruit, graduated on the 2018 GCF Anti Poaching…

  • chestnut horse in western tack in foreground watching a giraffe in the distance

    Animals Saving Animals | Giving Tuesday 2021

  • A rhino and her small calf graze on green grass in front of thick bush

    Educate to Advocate

    Educate students to advocate for conservation efforts in their own backyard! Sponsor local South African students to see rhino conservation…