Collaborations & Partnerships


 Wilson Creek Winery

Temecula, CA

Our wine series, in collaboration with Wilson Creek Winery, raises funds for our wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts. The five varieties of wine are made, bottled, and shipped by Wilson Creek Winery.  Visit the Wilson Creek website and get yours today!

Rhino Crash Crush
Sparkling Rose


Honey Badger Nectar
Almond Sparkling Wine


Tall Blonde

Brut but Elegant
Brut Sparkling Wine


Old World Red

Pacific Plate Brewing Company

Los Angeles, CA

We have teamed up with Pacific Plate Brewing to produce a line of handcrafted ales dedicated to spreading awareness of endangered species and aid anti-poaching units in South Africa. The Brews for APUs line consists of White Rhino IPA, Pangolin Defender, Earthshaker Stout, and Tall Blonde Hef. Whenever these Brews for APUs are on tap in the Pacific Plate tasting rooms, $1 from each pint sold and 10% of offsite keg sales goes directly to Global Conservation Force. Help us spread awareness and raise a pint to conservation!

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Deep Cut Geeks

Oakland, CA

We are excited to share our new #WildlifeGuardian pin series in collaboration with Deep Cut Geeks. Each pin highlights a focus species for our wildlife protection and conservation efforts. We work hard to protect Rhino, Pangolin, Elephant, African Painted Dogs, and Giraffe. Support our efforts by purchasing a pin and represent for the endangered animals that need our help.

Product Info
Materials: Composite Wood
Dimensions: 1″ x 0.9″
Hardware: Metal Pin Back
Made in Oakland, CA. USA

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Ithica, NY

Havoly is small design business which aims to create unique wooden engraved items seldom found, but often cherished. It got it’s start and works closely with a local makerspace in Ithaca, NY home of Cornell University and a melting pot of creativity. He recently teamed up with us to create an array of products with Global Conservation Force branding. Operating out of New York he has pushed our brand further by placing us in several stores, markets, and coffee shops while also selling on Etsy and Amazon. He’ll donate 25% of all GCF branded items to us!

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African Rhino Conservation Collaboration (ARCC)
Amakhala Conservancy
Blue Canyon Anti Poaching Unit
Chengeta Wildlife – Malian Ranger Force
David O’Connor, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research – “Twiga Walinzi” Project
Department of Forestry, Indonesia
William Fowlds
Friends of Rhino
Grant Fowlds
Kariega Game Reserve
Kenya Wildlife Service
Kilo 9 Academy
Kruger National Park – Specific Sectors
Loisaba Nature Conservancy
Namunyak Nature Conservancy
NBC 7 San Diego – Down to Earth with Dagmar – “The Extinction Crisis”

Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation
Nyime Anti Poaching Unit
Outraged South African Citizens Against Rhino Poaching (OSCAP)
Painted Dog Research Trust
Phinda Private Game Reserve – dehorning and documentary partners, 2017
Project Rhino KZN
Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy
Sabi Sands – Kruger National Park – K9 Anti Poaching Unit
Saiga Conservation Alliance
Save Vietnam’s Wildlife
Snow Leopard Conservancy
Ujung Kulon National Park
Umkhumbi Lodge
U.S. Department of State
Vocational High School Three, Pandeglang

Wild Tomorrow Fund
Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)
Zululand Rhino Orphanage

Zululand Conservation Trust

GCF Sponsorship Gear, Training, and Continued Support Given

Anti Poaching Unit & K9 Unit

African Rhino Conservation Collaboration
Balule Nature Reserve – Anti-Poaching Unit
Bela Bela Nature Reserve – Anti -Poaching Unit
Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit
Colin Patrick – Moholoholo Anti-Poaching Unit
Craig Spencer – Warden of Balule Nature Reserve & Black Mambas APU
Crocuta Anti-Poaching Unit
Flying for Rhino
Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage (FTTRO)
Hemmersbach Rhino Force
Kwandwe Private Game Reserve – Anti Poaching Unit and K9 Unit
Loisaba Conservancy K9 Anti -Poaching Unit
Manyoni Private Game Reserve – Anti-Poaching Unit
Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary – Namibia
Project THORN
Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST) – Namibia
Reteti Elephant Sanctuary Kenya
Rian Alhers – Warden of York section in Balule

Sabi Sands Perimeter Fence Team
Selati Game Reserve – Anti-Poaching Unit
Shamwari Game Reserve
South African Wildlife College – Ranger Training
Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS)
Thornybush Game Reserve – Anti-Poaching Unit
Thula Thula Private Game Reserve – Operation Thula Thula (back up response to rhino orphanage attack)