The Sumatra Project

The key to saving Sumatra’s wildlife is in the palm of your hand.

The wilds of Sumatra are becoming less and less wild every day, thanks to palm oil farming and the massive amounts of deforestation it causes. Orangutans, Sumatran rhinos, and Sumatran tigers are just a few of the species that are being driven out of their habitats by the palm oil industry. Palm oil is found in many common consumer products—including chocolate, pizza dough, soap, ice cream, and cookies, to name but a few. Chances are, you have several products containing palm oil in your kitchen right now. But the palm oil industry isn’t the only problem—these animals are also in danger of poaching.

Enlist for this campaign to help raise awareness of the damage palm oil can do, support public education of these issues, and fund direct action anti-poaching and conservation missions.
Recruits supporting this campaign will have the opportunity to see their donations in action through Mike’s video field updates and our newsletter, Operation Status Report.