Global Conservation Force K9s

Global Conservation Force K9s are essential team members in the organization's wildlife protection, conservation, and counter wildlife trafficking efforts. These specially trained dogs, alongside well-trained and equipped rangers, are crucial in these endeavors. Global Conservation Force K9s have exceptional senses of smell, hearing, and agility, making them highly effective in tracking, trailing, scent detection, and bite work for suspect apprehension. Their presence alone acts as a deterrent, reducing the likelihood of illegal activities in protected areas. Additionally, these K9s play a crucial role in locating endangered species for research and conservation efforts, aiding in their protection. Their ability to cover large areas quickly and efficiently makes them indispensable partners in the conservation of endangered species and the protection of their habitats.

Global Conservation Force K9s not only contribute directly to wildlife protection and conservation efforts but also play a significant role in boosting ranger morale and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of underfunded wildlife protection habitats and teams. The presence of these highly trained dogs provides rangers with increased confidence and security, knowing they have a reliable partner in their mission. This boost in morale can lead to increased motivation and dedication among rangers, ultimately improving their performance in the field.

Furthermore, in underfunded wildlife protection habitats and teams, where resources may be limited, K9s offer a cost-effective solution. These dogs can cover large areas quickly and effectively, reducing the need for additional manpower and resources. Their ability to detect illegal wildlife products and apprehend suspects can result in more successful operations, despite limited funding and resources. Overall, Global Conservation Force K9s play a multifaceted role in wildlife protection efforts, extending beyond their direct contributions to conservation and counter wildlife trafficking.

Our K9s

Denali is a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois whose working history includes anti-poaching patrols, focusing on bite work and suspect apprehension. During her active operational career, she worked in the Greater Kruger National Park region in wildlife reserves and spent some time protecting a rhino orphanage and wildlife rehabilitation center. Afterward, Denali moved on to duty with our mounted anti-poaching unit, working alongside the horses for patrol duties as well as being part of the foot patrols and their responses. Denali is now operationally retired but has a new “job” as a community-based conservation ambassador for local community kids and teens visiting the Kariega Conservation Center. She also does working dog demonstrations occasionally for local school groups visiting.

Odin is a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois who works in the US, primarily representing the working crew of Belgian Malinois on our team that are on assignments in Africa. Trained in bite work, tracking, and scent detection, Odin does educational demonstrations for school groups, businesses, and GCF events. He also works directly with GCF CEO and Founder, Mike Veale, as his personal protection K9 on various GCF duties.

Kesa is a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois, trained in tracking and trailing. She works in wildlife protection for elephants, rhinos, giraffes, pangolins, and many other species in the habitats she protects. For the last few years, she has been working on a prestigious work assignment in Addo National Park, South Africa, focused on a region with a healthy but threatened species of black rhino.

Reaper, a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois, works to counter wildlife trafficking for animals and plants. Trained to find rhino horn, ivory, pangolin scales, lion bones, and select endangered plant species, her working discipline is in scent detection. She works mobilly but on a dedicated team in South Africa that works with government and provincial police to tackle the illegal wildlife trade.

Bekah, a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois trained in tracking and trailing, currently works at Care For Wild Rhino Orphanage protecting the sanctuary and extended habitat and reserve. She and her handler work closely to keep poachers off the property, but in the event one breaks into the reserve, her skills will lead to a swift capture of the suspect!

Thor, a 4-year-old Bavarian Hound, hosts two special roles: tracking and trailing poachers and live pangolins. For reserve wildlife protection aspects, he can detect a foreign (human) smell in the environment like a specialized human radar and lead the team to poachers. Thor is also trained to help track living pangolins that have been rehabilitated and re-released into the wild after being saved from wildlife trafficking! When Thor is called to find a pangolin, he can lead researchers and the anti-poaching unit to the pangolin in need of assistance, a new tracking collar, or for the researchers to follow up on data collection! His duties overlap the protection of a hidden rhino orphanage in South Africa.

Rolo, a 4-year-old Dutch Shepherd, specializes in tracking and bite work/suspect apprehension. Thor’s “big brother” backup and work partner, the two work together on assignments when called upon for wildlife protection of the reserve and all the species that call it home. His duties also over the protection of the hidden rhino orphanage and wildlife rehabilitation center in this part of South Africa.

Clive, a 4-year-old English lab, works tracking endangered species for critical scientific population data of endangered tortoises and pangolin in the Jungles of Bangladesh. With his handlers, they are working to collect and submit data that will bolster the region’s wildlife protection and conservation efforts, which will also upscale the international regulations of these species and the populations of these species in this part of the world.

Astro, a 3.5-year-old Bavarian hound trained in tracking, is currently in Europe working with our partners there on cross-training for conservation and wildlife protection. He should deploy to Africa by the end of 2024 for wildlife protection and conservation efforts targeting rhino, elephant, and pangolin crisis areas for poaching. His skill sets mirror that of Thor, and so will his Africa operations!

Bohdan is a 1-year-old Polski Hound, our youngest K9, who is finishing his final training phases in Europe. He is already an expert tracker, and we look forward to bringing him into the African wildlife conservation scene. He is currently on track for rhino, elephant, pangolin poaching crisis regions of Southern Africa.