Through our partnerships with other nonprofits and NGOs around the world that have similar missions, we are able to expand the effects of our efforts. We have also established collaborations with conservation-minded small businesses and artists that create quality products and unique art to help fund our anti-poaching projects and partnerships.

Wilson Creek Winery
Temecula, CA

Our wine series, in collaboration with Wilson Creek Winery, raises funds for our wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts. The five varieties of wine are made, bottled, and shipped by Wilson Creek Winery.

Rhino Crash Crush

Sparkling Rose

Tall Blonde


Honey Badger Nectar

Almond Sparkling Wine

Old World Red


Brut but Elegant

Brut Sparkling Wine

Vargas Goteo Jewelry

Rhino Hammer & Gold Rhino Amulet
From long ago remain deep-rooted beliefs that animals were messengers, and in observing them we could unlock mysteries of the world. Animals possess complex and remarkable characteristics, and if we take the time to look outward and look within, the traits of us humans and animals are not so different after all! has graciously donated a set of toys and K9 gear for our dogs working in wildlife protection and conservation. From May 20th to June 30th 2024 they will donate 3% of all net sales from their website!


At The SOSA, our mission is to ignite a passion for wildlife conservation and rekindle humanity's love for the natural world at a time it needs it most. To create a collective and collaborative conservation community of professionals and everyday consumers, now turned conservationists alike.

Stephens Fur Crew

K9 Asani Leash is an Olive Drab leash that represents the Anti-Poaching K9 community. Global Conservation Force is a phenomenal organization that utilizes K9’S for anti-poaching. Every leash purchased, $5 is donated to Global Conservation Force Waterproof, stink-proof, durable, and feels light in the hand. Strong and easy-to-use clasp. All widths are 5/8".

Pacific Plate Brewing Company
Los Angeles, CA

We have teamed up with Pacific Plate Brewing to produce a line of handcrafted ales dedicated to spreading awareness of endangered species and aid anti-poaching units in South Africa. The Brews for APUs line consists of White Rhino IPA, Pangolin Defender, Earthshaker Stout, and Tall Blonde Hef. Whenever these Brews for APUs are on tap in the Pacific Plate tasting rooms, $1 from each pint sold and 10% of offsite keg sales goes directly to Global Conservation Force. Help us spread awareness and raise a pint to conservation!

Deep Cut Geeks
Oakland, CA

We are excited to share our Wildlife Guardian pin series in collaboration with Deep Cut Geeks. Each pin highlights a focus species for our wildlife protection and conservation efforts. We work hard to protect rhinos, pangolins, elephants, African painted dogs, and giraffes. Support our efforts by purchasing a pin and represent the endangered animals that need our help.

Product Info
Materials: Composite Wood
Dimensions: 1″ x 0.9″
Hardware: Metal Pin Back
Made in Oakland, CA. USA

Ithica, NY

Havoly is a small design business that creates unique wooden engraved items seldom found but often cherished. It got its start and works closely with a local maker space in Ithaca, NY, home of Cornell University and a melting pot of creativity. Havoly teamed up with us to create an array of products with Global Conservation Force branding, placing us in several stores, markets, and coffee shops in New York while also selling on Etsy and Amazon. Havoly donates 25% of sales of all GCF-branded items to us!

Toronto, ON, Canada

The future is plant-based with Plantish Future! Designed with the help of their community, every sale of their 100% compostable animal pop-up sponges supports our wildlife protection efforts.

“All of our products are vegan, plastic-free, and plant-based. Each product is carefully designed with nature as inspiration and crafted with plants as the source as well as a strong emphasis on contributing to good causes, ” explains Plantish Future founder, Lydia Li.

We are a team of strong women, passionate newcomers, and racialized folks. We believe that Sustainability is more than just the products you are using. T”rue sustainability comes from seeing ourselves as part of land, water, and earth. Re-connecting with Mother Earth does not mean doing everything perfectly, but engaging more of us in doing things imperfectly.”