Counter Wildlife Trafficking

Global Conservation Force (GCF) is deeply committed to combating illegal wildlife trafficking around the world through a multi-faceted approach. GCF works closely with local anti-poaching units and provincial special police forces to intercept wildlife contraband leaving protected reserves and combat regional illegal wildlife crime. By sharing intelligence and coordinating efforts with these authorities, GCF helps to disrupt wildlife trafficking networks and dismantle criminal operations.

GCF also plays a vital role in combating transnational and international wildlife crime by identifying and sharing intelligence with relevant local and international authorities. This collaboration is essential for addressing the global nature of wildlife trafficking and ensuring that criminals are brought to justice.

Furthermore, GCF utilizes highly trained K9 units to detect wildlife contraband, such as ivory, rhino horn, and pangolin scales, helping to intercept illegal shipments and apprehend traffickers. GCF also works to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of K9s working in anti-poaching, customs, law enforcement, and non-profit organizations by providing training and support to K9 handlers.

By expanding the capabilities of K9 units and collaborating with local and international authorities, GCF is able to significantly enhance the effectiveness of operations aimed at combating illegal wildlife trafficking. These efforts not only help to disrupt wildlife trafficking networks but also serve as a deterrent to would-be traffickers, ultimately helping to protect endangered species and preserve biodiversity.