Check out our new merchandise collaborations!

Check out our new merchandise collaborations!
March 16, 2017 admin

We’ve recently teamed up with several artists across the country to help fuel our projects. Here’s a list of them and a little bit about each, check them out!

Anna Trimmel Designs

She creates adorable felt ornaments. Her collaboration with us involves rhino, giraffe, and elephant ornaments. Here’s a link to the rhino and she expects the giraffe and elephant to be live soon, for every purchase of one of those three ornaments (make sure the description mentions GCF so you know you’re purchasing the correct one!) we will receive $2 toward our conservation efforts!

Animals Anonymous Apparel

This clothing line is known for their amazing work in donating to various conservation causes. Recently, we teamed up with them and now have our own GCF line of Animals Anonymous Apparel! There are t-shirts, hoodies, and canvas bags all with a variety of colors to choose from! For any item purchased from the GCF line we will receive 20%.

Here’s a link to the store:

Colors For A Cause

This Etsy shop is run in order to help brand and spread awareness of many great non-profits in the field of conservation. We recently collaborated with them to create a new GCF “Keep Rhinos Horny” apparel. For every item purchased (make sure you’re purchasing the GCF shirt) we will get between 35-50%! She expects the products to go live within the week (3/15)

Here’s a link to the shop:


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