Archive June 2022

28 Jun

Moving Into Our Second Year in Partnership with Endangered Wildlife Trust

Did you know that Global Conservation Force has 4 K9s on a deployment loan with Endangered Wildlife Trust? Each of GCF K9s, all Belgian Malinois, went through just shy of […]


27 Jun

Coyote Peterson Joins Ranger Training with Global Conservation Force

Coyote Peterson, celebrity wildlife presenter and conservationist, joined the Global Conservation Force advanced anti-poaching unit Instructors in the South Africa to see what it takes to be an anti-poaching ranger! […]


10 Jun

Save the Horns

Protecting South Africa‚Äôs biodiversity by reversing habitat loss and fragmentation, fighting poaching, and supporting conservation-based community programs. Celebrity wildlife presenter Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness team have joined forces […]