Lonni Pike

Lonni Pike

Corporate Donor and Sponsor Coordinator

Corporate Donor and Sponsorship Coordinator

Born and raised in Encinitas, Lonni grew up with salt water in her hair and flowers in her heart. The daughter of a carnation farmer, Lonni’s father taught her to apricate all of the bounties the earth can provide and to protect it from those wishing to do it harm. Just like the carnations her father grew, Lonni is vibrant and full of life.

As a child Lonni’s affinity for animals was obvious. Never turning a blind eye to the smallest creatures in need, Lonni would move worms off the street or bring home stray animals. One such animal was her pet cat Kiki, a six toed cat that found refuge under the care of little six-year-old Lonni.

Now all grown up, Lonni is a mother of two and a successful Escrow Officer. Bringing her strong work ethic and business background to the CGF team, Lonni is determined to bridge the gap between the animals in need of help and the people capable of saving them. Lonni is now the Corporate Donor and Sponsor Coordinator. Much like the worms or her pet cat Kiki, Lonni is determined to help any way she can and to give the animals in the most danger a voice and a fighting chance.