Check out our Merchandise Collaborations!

We’ve teamed up with several small businesses, artists, and a winery, across the country to help fuel our projects. Here’s a list of them and a little bit about each, check them out!

Wilson Creek Winery



We’ve partnered up with Wilson Creek Winery to give you all a new way to support wildlife conservation! This new wine series is sold via the winery, online, and can be shipped right to your door!


Our wine series includes Rhino Crash Crush (a sparkling Rosé), Brut but Elegant (Brut sparkling wine), Tall Blonde Chardonnay, Old World Red (Cabernet), and Honey Badger Nectar (a sparkling almond wine). We are beyond thrilled to collaborate with Wilson Creek Winery on this project.

We would like to send a major ‘Thank You!’ to Mike Stevenson for all of his creative and artistic assistance with the wine labels.

Click the Link to access the Wilson Creek Winery Purchase Page.


Miss Megan’s Studio

Miss Megan Elizabeth is a Certified Exotic Animal Trainer, Interpreter, Educator and Conservation Artist currently based in Temecula. She has dedicated her life’s work to education, animal welfare, as well as raising awareness and funds for endangered species recovery initiatives. Your support through purchases are an invaluable contribution to Global Conservation Force .  Custom pieces have been created in honor of GCF which will recieve 20% of proceeds from items bought in Miss Megan’s Studio’s Etsy Shop in the specified “GCF Wildlife” section. Together we will raise awareness and support for Endangered species while sharing their beauty and stories.


Havoly is small design business which aims to create unique wooden engraved items seldom found, but often cherished. It got it’s start and works closely with a local makerspace in Ithaca, NY home of Cornell University & a melting pot of creativity. He recently teamed up with us to create an array of products with Global Conservation Force branding. Operating out of New York he has pushed our brand further by placing us in several stores, markets, and coffee shops while also selling on Etsy and Amazon. He’ll donate 25% of all GCF branded items to us!

Link to his website:

l*Make sure you use and select ‘Global Conservation Force’ as your receiving organization to help us!*

Emilys Watercolors

Emily feels that every person deserves an original piece of artwork, because no print could ever compare to the natural brushstrokes of a painting done by hand. Every creation comes from the heart and soul of the artist. The works sold in her Etsy are made to invoke happiness and purity into the lives of others through colour and imagination and are all 100% original pieces. She has teamed up with us to donate 30% of her “signature” animal pieces and 50% of her larger “gallery” pieces to GCF! She plans on doing a live painting for auction at our annual Gala in 2017 as well. Check out the Global Conservation Force section on her Etsy to see the works that support us directly.

Link to her Etsy: 

Willow’s Wildlife

Passionate about saving endangered species, this talented 11 year old artist creates original watercolor artwork of her favorite animals in need of protection.   $10 of every print sold by her Etsy shop goes directly to GCF to fund our conservation efforts.  In addition to Elephant, Giraffe, Rhino and Pangolin, there are many different animals to chose from.

Etsy Store Link:


Ashley Smith, creator of TheWilderSmith, is a biologist turned artist based in Southern California. She sculpts and paints each of her wildlife totems by hand to bring attention to the beauty and importance of Earth’s biodiversity. Ashley will donate 20% of her proceeds from items bought under the “GCF Wildlife” section to GCF!

Etsy Store Link: 

Paper Figments

Shelby uses unique multi-media and paper collages to make artwork. She loves to challenge herself creatively and is always looking for new ways to express her passion for paper. She is passionate about protecting the world’s wildlife, using her art as an avenue to spread awareness to issues affecting our world. She has decided to donate 65% of each item sold in her Global Conservation Force tab on her Etsy & website to our cause!

Etsy Store Link:


Barefoot Seeker / Art by Emily

Emily is an artist who relocated from the East to the West coast a couple years ago. She has supported and worked with animal conservation for many years. Her dedication for wildlife and her artistic ability have collided and she is now donating 25% of every painting sold to GCF! She also will be doing a live painting for auction at our LA and SD Pangolin Beer Releases!

Etsy Store Link:


Laura Stites Art

Laura creates minimalist style character and pop culture themed art prints. She has decided to team up with GCF to create minimalist animal prints. For every animal print sold under her “GlobalConservationForce” tab she will donate 25%!

Etsy Store Link:

All Things Nature Craft

Sarah creates beautiful paintings all centered around various aspects of nature. She painted an original painting of a rhino specifically for GCF and is now donating 20% of each print of it to our cause!

Etsy Store Link:

Jeffrey Jenney Art

Jeffrey is a local artist in the Southern California region who regularly does oil paintings based on the animals he visits at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. He also does drawings which are done in ink with a brush and the white is done with gouache paint, an opaque watercolor. He creates prints based on these designs that are done with archival inks on acid free paper and are rated to last around 100 years. He’s teamed up with GCF to donate 20% of his Etsy sales to our causes!

Here’s the link to his Etsy:

Anna Trimmel Designs

She creates adorable felt ornaments. Her collaboration with us involves rhino, giraffe, and elephant ornaments. Here’s a link to the rhino and she expects the giraffe and elephant to be live soon, for every purchase of one of those three ornaments (make sure the description mentions GCF so you know you’re purchasing the correct one!) we will receive $2 toward our conservation efforts!