A Close Call For Denali, GCF Belgian Malinois

Last week Wednesday, Denali had a close call after being stung by a scorpion. She was on duty, helping to protect and guard a rhino orphanage, when she was stung. Our conservation partners at @kilo9kennels responded immediately and took her to the local vet hospital.

After the visit to the veterinary hospital they took her home to monitor her more closely and provide supportive care for her. Despite the vet providing pain medication and supportive care at the initial visit, she appeared to be getting worse later in the evening.

Simone and Chrisjan, of Kilo9 Kennels, called the veterinarian again and the Vet came out just shy of midnight to give an anti-venom, a sedative, and fluids.

Thursday morning Denali appeared sore but was through the worst of it.

With the fast response from our good friends at Kilo9 and the diligent care from @provet_animal_hospital ‘s veterinarian, Denali made it through the night.

We are beyond thankful to Chrisjan and Simone for their time, effort, diligence, and the care they provided for Denali. And we would like to send a major ‘thank you!’ to them and the Veterinarians who cared for Denali and came out for the late night house call.

The current travel restrictions have kept us from being in all of our field locations. So it goes without saying that having good trustworthy friends and partners in our conservation projects helps our programs thrive.

📸 Robert Pike

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