A Close Call For One Of Our Rhino Protection Unit Horses

Last week we had a close call with Lily, one of the GCF sponsored mounted anti poaching unit horses that is part of one our rhino protection units in South Africa, after she came down with African horse sickness. 

This disease can reach a mortality rate of up to 95% in horses. Even with vaccinations, which Lily was vaccinated for AHS, the odds are not in their favor. But, the symptoms were caught early thanks to the dedicated equine rangers. A 24 hour watch and treatment was started immediately. This intense schedule was maintained by the veterinarians and equine rangers for 5 days to give her the best chance possible.

Global Conservation Force would like to express our extreme gratitude to everyone who sprung into action, and provided excellent care for Lily. We are going to cover the medical bills and make sure that the team receives a care package for all of their hard work as well.

Lily isn’t fully out of the woods yet. She will be on a long recovery program, a month at the very least, before she participates in rhino protection duties. Her vitals, appetite, and personality will gauge when she can return to full duty. After a the veterinarians sign off on a clean bill of health we will send out another update.

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For more information on African Horse Sickness, click the link.


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