#lendspeciesahand on May 18 for Endangered Species Day

#lendspeciesahand on May 18 for Endangered Species Day
May 17, 2018 admin
close up of a rhino eye with a human hand just below it



(of a species) one that faces a very high risk of going extinct in the wild.


Approximately 4,300 species of animals, birds, and insects, and 4,100 species of plants, are listed as endangered.  Nearly 200 species go extinct each day.   Education and awareness is one way to advocate for these species, and that is the reason why Endangered Species Day was established by the U.S. Congress in 2005.

Join Global Conservation Force for Endangered Species Day 2018 – this Friday, May 18 – as we launch our Lend Species a Hand social media campaign aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of conservation and preserving biodiversity.   Be a part of the awareness campaign by posting an image of your hand on social media with #lendspeciesahand and/or #wildlifeguardian written on it, and the species you love.   Have fun and be creative!

Together, we can fight extinction.