GCF K9 Nala – Request For Support

Nala, is one of our trained wildlife conservation and protection K9s working in South Africa. Nala has been on deployment, in partnership with @the_ewt , at a government park focusing on rhino poaching threats, among other important details.

Sadly, we recently received news that a small tumor/mass, that was recently removed, came back as an aggression cancer. We are now staging her treatment plan.

This is where YOU can help. Our K9 medical insurance has informed us that not all of the treatments will be covered. If you would like to help support Nala during this difficult time, we would be greatly appreciative of any donation.

Ways to support

– like, share, comment
– Adopt a “Nala” plushie from our GCF online store
– Become a reoccurring donor for our K9s
– Donate towards our K9 efforts, funds will be directed to cover Nala’s veterinary expenses



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