Healthy Meals for 100 Children For An Entire Month – December 2020

We are excited to share that we are able to help feed 100 children from the rural communities, who live adjacent to the Kruger National Park, for an entire month!  This was made possible by our $1000 (USD) donation to our community based conservation partnership with Nourish Eco Village!

On Giving Tuesday, December 1st 2020, we were able to raise $2,300 of the fundraising goal we had established. This is roughly 50% of our hopeful fundraising goal, but we are extremely grateful to hit the halfway mark considering this year’s financial challenges.

As part of our dedicated Giving Tuesday fundraising goals, we aimed to help feed kids in the local impoverished communities, raise funds for a new GCF mounted anti poaching unit, and raise funds to purchase a GPS tracking collar for Thor, Bavarian hound, one of our conservation K9s.


Read More About The Community Support Program Hosted By Our Partners At Nourish Eco Village


This project aims to provide a nutritious meal daily for 100 children from the rural impoverished communities along the Greater Kruger national park. These children aged from 6 months to 13 years come daily to the Nourish eco village for a warm meal. For many children this forms one of their main meals in the day. This feeding scheme project has the goal of feeding 100 children a warm meal daily; ensuring health, and development in children through nutrition. We need $10 per child monthly.

Poverty has many impacts and repercussions, and one of these is malnutrition and hunger. Many children coming to the Nourish Eco village daily come from impoverished families, and walk to our center after school in the hopes of a warm healthy meal. Many children lived with an unemployed parent, or even with a granny, and the household income is low. This impacts children getting enough healthy food on a daily basis to allow them to grow healthily and develop, and think and learn.


By supporting our Nourish Feeding scheme program, you are committing to helping us to provide food for these vulnerable children on a daily basis. For the price of a cup of coffee or 2, you can make a difference in a child’s life by making sure that every day that child is getting a healthy meal because of you! For only $ 10 a month you can provide a daily meal. Children have a right to not be hungry, and a right to food. The Sustainable Development goals include end hunger. THIS is our goal!

Long-Term Impact

The long term impact is firstly that we have the ability to commit to these children long term that they will know the Nourish center is a safe place to come for their daily meal. They get stability, and then healthy. Better nutrition mean better concentration in school, better educational development. It also means better health and well-being, more energy, and a better quality of life. Poverty should not make these children start life on the wrong foot; help us give children a better start.

PC : All Photos Provided by Nourish Npo, South Africa


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