Intro to APU Course

Intro 101:

Anti-Poaching Basics, Survival and Tactics (30 person MAX enrollment)

In response to a demand for education on wildlife conservation, we are excited to announce that GCF will now be offering an introductory level APU course!

As space is limited, we will be allowing 30 participants, “recruits,” to enroll in the course. Over the course of two and a half days, the recruits will be split into two teams of 15, designations Alpha and Bravo, to be trained on anti-poaching skills.

Topics covered during the course will encompass survival methods including basic knots, fire making techniques, movement tactics and approaches to tracking that are currently used by anti-poachers in the African bush.

The course will be taught by two active anti-poaching rangers, accompanied by 1 active military instructor and three that are former U.S. military.

During the course, participants will gain insight to the daily life of anti-poaching personnel as they would be on patrol. Participants will learn about the multiple forms of poaching that occur in Africa, as well as learning how these types of poaching are combated.

After educated on topics, participants will be able to put their new knowledge into practice as we simulate tracking poachers in the wild. Alpha and Bravo teams will go head to head in a friendly competition to see who can apply their new skills as quickly as might be needed actively fighting poachers.

At the end of the course, we will have a large “Braai” (BBQ), where completion certificates will be distributed. For willing participants, we will have a “poachers vs. rangers” Airsoft firefight (safety gear provided).

Location: Dripping Springs campground, trail and surrounding areas. Just outside of Temecula, California


*recruits must be 18 or older*

Early registration (until March 31st 2016): $240.00

Normal registration: $275.00

Late registration: $325.00

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* All costs of registration are fully tax deductible. Proceeds will benefit APU’s currently in the field protecting endangered species.

More details to follow in the next couple weeks.


  • This course is not for the faint of heart.
  • The course will require “recruits” to sleep outside in tents, walk up to seven miles in one day, cook like rangers with provided “rations,” work with teams and, overall, get a concrete idea of what it’s like to truly live as an APU ranger.