New White Rhino IPA Recipe and Can Release!

In 2015 we released the first version of White Rhino IPA, in partnership with Pacific Plate Brewery, and it was a light, ‘white’, IPA, brewed to catch the attention of those who may be inching their way towards the IPA beer category. The goal, an “easy drinker” to support our rhino conservation and protection efforts. Pacific Plate donates part of the proceeds for every purchase of White Rhino IPA, Pangolin Defender (a California common), Tall Blonde Hefeweizen (citrus wheat beer for giraffe conservation), and Earth Shaker Stout (a milk stout for elephant conservation).

After a couple years, of introducing everyone to our wildlife protection craft beer line, its time to really represent the white rhino in the form of a strong beer. We are releasing the White Rhino IPA for those who are dedicated IPA connoisseurs.

In partnership with Pacific Plate Brewery, and Wilson Creek Winery, we are going to launch the freshly canned White Rhino IPA at the June 3rd Josh Turner concert at Wilson Creek Winery!

Fortunately for us this benefit concert is sold out. But, that does make it difficult for those in the San Diego/Temecula area to grab a can. Don’t worry, we plan to bring it down for our San Diego World Rhino Day.

If you live in LA, there will be a 5 gallon keg on tap tomorrow (May 27th) at the Monrovia Pacific Plate Brewery location (5pm)!

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