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30 Jul

World Ranger Day 2023

Every year on July 31st, the world unites to celebrate World Ranger Day, a special occasion dedicated to honoring the selfless efforts of the brave men and women who work […]


16 Dec

Conservation NGOs and Conservation Canines Working Together to Combat Wildlife Crime

In January 2021, the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Canine Unit welcomed four 18-month-old female Belgian Malinois to the team to help us fight against wildlife crime. The dogs, Reaper, Nala, […]


3 Mar

Collaring Elephants in South Africa

Photo Above – A GCF team member helps collect toe nail samples from the elephant while it is under anesthesia. March 3rd 2020 Teamwork and collaboration are truly necessary to […]


3 Aug

World Elephant Day 2019 Festivities

Elephants are amazing animals. We’ve all seen stories of elephants helping members of their herd, or visiting humans that came to their aid in years past, but did you know […]


14 Jul

About GCF’s Anti Poaching K9s

Global Conservation Force has supported K9 anti poaching units, rangers, and dogs since 2015. From the start we have also been strategically aligning our own K9 Unit. This required patience […]


10 Jul

OneTigris Sponsors Gear for GCF K9 Rangers

We would like to send a #rhino size “Thank you!” to OneTigris for sponsoring our K9 Unit. The gear will depart in just a week to meet up with our […]


3 Oct

Anti Poaching Work, Ranger Training, and Ranger Sponsorship In Kenya

GCF was on duty in Southern and Eastern Kenya, with our friends from the Ulinzi Africa Foundation, for elephant protection and anti poaching ranger support. We provided sponsored training programs […]


6 Aug

World Elephant Day 2018

Ivory isn’t just a Color Unfortunately many people think ivory is just a color for things like wedding dresses, and paint; but there are way more important, and threatening, things […]


31 Jul

World Elephant Day 2017

Have You Herd? World Elephant Day is Here! Get ready for World Elephant Day on August 12, 2017, in celebration of the world’s largest land mammal! Global Conservation Force is […]