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21 May

World Giraffe Day 2021

World Giraffe Day June 21 2021  Unfortunately, with a 40% loss in total population in the last 20 years, giraffe are experiencing what is commonly referred to as a “silent […]


2 Sep

5th Annual Wildlife Benefit Dinner

5th Annual Wildlife Benefit Dinner “Sunset in the Vines” Join us for our 5th Annual Wildlife Conservation Benefit Dinner. This year we are hosting a hybrid virtual and physical event […]


25 Apr

Thank you for supporting our Mounted Anti Poaching Unit Efforts

After a busy morning training rangers, in South Africa, Mike and the Instructors team left the training course to go visit our mounted anti poaching unit.   This was the […]


25 Aug

Mounted Anti Poaching Units

What is a mounted anti-poaching unit?  An addition of horses to an anti-poaching team. Much like dogs have been brought into the poaching crisis for their specific skill set, horses […]


15 Jun

World Giraffe Day 2018

World Giraffe Day 2018 June 21st “Even the tallest should never have to stand alone, stand together with us to help protect and conserve the world’s tallest mammal, the Giraffe.” […]


15 Jun

GCF is now recognized educational partners with the ‘Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care’ for training Anti Poaching Rangers

We are thrilled to announce that our sponsored training program for anti poaching unit rangers is now recognized by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.     Global Conservation Force […]


2 Jun

World Giraffe Day – Paint Night Fundraiser at Pacific Plate Taproom

When:  June 21st, 5pm to 8pm Where: Pacific Plate Taproom, 1302 S. Brand Blvd. Unit B, Glendale, California 91204 Join us as we celebrate #WorldGiraffeDay! We are putting our necks out for […]


14 Jan

GCF Is Brewing Beer in San Diego?!

GCF Is Brewing Beer?! Well, Longship Brewery is brewing it, but they’re nice enough to let us help! BREW DAY ON FACEBOOK LIVE Monday, February 12th We’ve teamed up with […]


17 Apr

Saving Giraffes in Kenya and Beyond

By: David A. O’Connor, M.Sc., Community-Based Conservation Ecologist, Research Coordinator  & Conservation Education Division – Institute for Conservation Research San Diego Zoo Global While I may be biased, giraffes are the best animals […]