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23 Oct

Join GCF for the “Full Moon Patrol”

Join us, and hundreds of others, on Full Moon Patrol and transform a daily action into a firm habit before the year is out. The campaign name and lunar theme […]


16 Dec

Trauma and Tactical Care Under Fire and Firearms Courses for Rangers

Over the past two weeks, we have had instructors presenting sponsored Trauma and Tactical Care Under Fire and Firearms Courses for rangers in the Greater Kruger National Park and the […]


10 Aug

3rd Annual Painted Dog 5k/10k

Help save your favorite endurance running species on World Painted Dog Day! Join us for the 3rd annual African Painted Dog 5k/10k!! Though we held out hope that pushing our […]


28 Jun

A New Generation Of Anti Poaching Rangers Have Hit The Ground Running!

Give the recruits a round of applause, they are now anti poaching rangers! After a grueling course they’ve taken their final exams and field assessments.  Each anti poaching ranger recruit […]


28 May

Two Rhino Veterinary Procedures Sponsored For Rhino Conservation Efforts

This week, we sponsored two rhino veterinary procedures with Dr William Fowlds, @WilliamFowlds , to bolster rhino conservation and protection efforts for the region.  Natasha, GCF K9 Anti Poaching Units […]