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19 Jun

More Anti Poaching Rangers Receive Sponsored Gear!

Another successful sponsored gear drop for an anti poaching unit “putting it all out there” to protect rhino, elephants, giraffe, and many other species within their shared habitat. In this […]


26 Jul

Emergency Response Funds – Chengeta Wildlife K9 Veterinary Aid

Our friends at Chengeta Wildlife put out a public ask for help to cover veterinary costs for K9 Mitch. Knowing how difficult it is to fundraise in the current global […]


14 Jul

About GCF’s Anti Poaching K9s

Global Conservation Force has supported K9 anti poaching units, rangers, and dogs since 2015. From the start we have also been strategically aligning our own K9 Unit. This required patience […]


5 Feb

Click here to watch the GCF / NBC – Down to Earth with Dagmar Documentary “The Extinction Crisis”

Watch “The Extinction Crisis” here!     For the GCF rhino conservationists, where the channel wasn’t available, we had this as a backup plan!   *Click the titles below to […]