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5 Dec

The Golden State’s Elephant Ivory & Rhino Horn Trade

Every day an estimated 40 elephants and two rhinoceroses are poached for their iconic tusks and horns. The demand for ivory and rhino horn products has had an undeniable impact […]


28 May

Bushmeat Poaching – Connecting Poverty and Poaching

Most of us have heard of how the illegal trade in elephant ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, and other high value products are threatening Africa’s wildlife but, the lasting impact […]


24 Feb

GCF Sending Emergency Backup to the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage After Recent Attack on Orphans and Rehab Staff.

Thula Thula is a reserve that is home to an orphanage within it. This orphanage was brutally attacked by poachers on February 20th leading to the death of two rhino […]


23 Feb

Radio Interview with John & Tammy, 97.3 KSON San Diego

Mike Veale, President & Founder of Global Conservation Force, had the pleasure of being a guest speaker for John & Tammy radio show on 97.3 KSON. They discussed all the […]


12 Jan

Dr. William Fowlds presentation on the Rhino Poaching Crisis

Join us for one of two evenings as Global Conservation Force & Dr. William Fowlds team up to discuss the future of wild rhino.        We are excited […]


6 Jan

“There is no glory in anti-poaching”

     Some of the youngest victims of the poaching crisis are those who are not yet born. Here, Calvin Kipling – the anti-poaching ranger who performed a necropsy on […]