United Methodist Church, Vista, California, Grants GCF Funds For Wildlife Education Outreach In Vietnam

We are excited to announce that our 2021 Wild Warriors project in Vietnam, has been fully funded! The United Methodist Church in Vista, California awarded us $6,000 to cover the entirety of this annual project!

Lauren Lee, GCF Education Outreach Coordinator, applied for this annual grant opportunity to help us sustain and expand our educational efforts in wildlife product demand countries. The funds will help us cover roughly 100 students for 3 full months of dedicated wildlife conservation education and field trips.

Read About The Wild Warriors – Wildlife Education Outreach – Vietnam

Global Conservation Force has continued to tackle wildlife demand and trafficking issues with educational outreach courses in demand countries. One of those core projects in our Wild Warriors Project, in partnership with Wildhand, in Hanoi, Vietnam. Pangolin, rhino horn, ivory, shark fin, bear bile, the illegal pet trade, plastic pollution, and unethical tourist animal interactions are key components of the curriculum.

Our work with the Wild Warriors program in Vietnam promises a new perspective on wildlife. Lauren lee, GCF Education Coordinator, a mentor of these courses visited the Wildhand team at the beginning of March 2019 for the start of the program. During this visit, the team was on their way to creating their second lesson for the students on bears and bear bile-a hot topic that can be found in the areas surrounding the school. We focus on using education as a tool for combating human-wildlife issues like trafficking. Other local NGOs like Animals Asia have also provided more educational materials and resources like synthetic botanic bear bile. The students are always eager to learn in these interactive courses and prove that there is still hope for change!

Education coordinator, Lauren lee, continues to help support, develop, and mentor this project as the team wraps up the second year and prepares for the 2021 project launch.


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