World Wildlife Day: How to Save Wildlife through Strategic Partnerships

Join us in celebration of World Wildlife Day 2023 and explore innovative ways that you can take part in saving wildlife from extinction!

UN WorldWildlife Day 2023 Panel Agenda

In celebration of World Wildlife Day 2023, please join us for a virtual panel titled: How to Save Wildlife from Extinction through Strategic Partnerships.

Listen to insights from leaders, experts, and change-makers across the field of conservation, get inspired and discover ways that you can help save wildlife from extinction through strategic partnerships.

Featured Panel Members and Guest speakers including Mr. Ralph Chami, Ms. Dune Ives, and Mr. Mike Veale will be discussing and exploring innovative ways that partnerships can be leveraged to bring up new solutions that can result in transformational changes to protect Wildlife.

Ralph Chami, Assistant Director International Monetary Fund will discuss “The Value of Living Wildlife to Our Health and Economic Well-Being”.

Ralph Chami is a financial economist, an assistant director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the co-founder of Blue Green Future and Rebalance Earth. He has developed a novel way to tackle both climate change and biodiversity loss: Namely, to reposition species such as whales and elephants as crucial allies in the quest to sequester carbon, secure climate-resilient ecosystems, and generate income for local communities.

Dune Ives, Chief Executive Officer of “Movements That Matter” and Founding Chief Executive Officer of “Lonely Whale” will discuss the importance of collaborations to accelerate innovation for conservation.

Dune Ives is a cultural and communications strategist, impact campaigner, and executive. Always leading with what she stands for rather than against, Dune believes in the power of market-based solutions to guide, influence and support requisite policy shifts and individual behavior change. Previously Founding CEO for global changemaker Lonely Whale and co-founder of Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Philanthropy, Dune recently launched Movements That Matter (MTM), a strategic advisory services firm. MTM works with Fortune 500 companies, leading non-profit organizations, and philanthropies to develop and deliver sensible and impactful strategies for the new economy in the face of an increasingly disruptive and unpredictable environment. Dune holds her Ph.D. in Psychology and is an NACD certified Board Director.

Mike Veale, President of “Global Conservation Force” will discuss the major threats wildlife are facing from poachers and ways that collaborations and partnerships can help wildlife from extinction through anti-poaching efforts.

Mike Veale is a southern California native who has worked extensively with animals for the majority of his conservation career. Mike is the Founder and President of Global Conservation Force, a Wildlife Protection & Conservation Organization focused on rhino, elephant, pangolin, giraffe & painted dog habitats, and poaching crisis zones. Global Conservation Force is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching, and conservation efforts.

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About The Theme

The objective of our panel is to spark new ideas for innovative partnerships that can result in transformational changes to protect wildlife from extinction.

This year, the theme for the United Nations World Wildlife Day is “Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation”. Wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate. According to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, over 8,400 species of wild fauna and flora are critically endangered. Close to 30,000 more are understood to be endangered or vulnerable. Based on these estimates, it is suggested that over a million species are threatened with extinction.

It will need all of our collaborative efforts to reduce those threats and help save wildlife from extinction. We urgently need partnerships to bring together organizations, countries, people, and groups to come up with new transformative ideas to drive change in order to save our wildlife.


This is a Virtual Panel and will be held on Zoom on the 4th of March 2023 at 11:00AM PST. Duration is 1 hour. After you complete the Eventbrite registration you will receive the meeting invitation zoom link via email.


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