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  • Duck standing in grass with a plastic can ring stuck on its neck

    The Effects of Litter on the Environment and Communities

    In addition to being unsightly (Pandey, 1990), litter causes a plethora of environmental and social problems (Schultz et al., 2013). …

  • K9 Field First Aid Course Saves A Very Important Life

    Just a few weeks after the K9 Handlers of the Eastern Cape, of South Africa, finished their GCF Sponsored K9…

  • 1400 Conservation Comic Books Sponsored for Children in Rural South African Communities

    We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project, a South Africa-based non-profit organization, to…

  • Meet Thor! Our Newest Conservation K9

    We have exciting news to share! We’ve added a new K9 to our team! Meet Thor, a Bavarian Hound puppy. Thor…

  • Wildlife Education and Demand Reduction Vietnam 2020

    Global Conservation Force has continued to tackle wildlife demand and trafficking issues with educational courses in the demand counties. One…

  • 5th Annual Wildlife Benefit Dinner

    5th Annual Wildlife Benefit Dinner “Sunset in the Vines” Join us for our 5th Annual Wildlife Conservation Benefit Dinner. This…