Operation Kenya

Saving Africa’s Elephants

Global Conservation Force’s latest project is the initiation and implementation of a new community-based anti-poaching ranger team in eastern Kenya. This project is a unique opportunity to expand the protection efforts for elephants and other wildlife, as well as rural communities, in an area heavily affected by poachers and terrorist activities. This new ranger team will guard a rare and precious ecosystem that is home to elephant, giraffe, painted dogs, pangolin, hippo, crocodile, hyena, lion, leopard, rare endemic antelope, and primates. This anti-poaching unit would bring much-needed stability to a region where law enforcement is weak or completely non-existent. The ranger base will also serve as a community outreach center for the local communities.

Estimated Budget: $65,000

  • 6 Ranger salaries ($110 per ranger per month)
  • Training ($3,500)
  • Ranger gear, uniforms, etc. ($1,500)
  • Ranger base building ($5,000)
    • Community medical center (first aid)
    • Community education outreach center
  • Patrol vehicle ($35,000)
  • Fuel, tires, and repairs ($1,000 per month; $12,000 annually)