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27 June 2024

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WATCH – Holding the Frontline

“Holding the Frontline” is an impactful short conservation documentary set in South Africa. 

It intimately follows the journey of recruits within the non-profit organization, Global Conservation Force, as they undergo rigorous training to transform into dedicated anti-poaching rangers. The documentary delves deep into the grueling training regimen these men endure over several weeks. It is a journey marked by blood, sweat, tears, unwavering commitment, and personal sacrifices, revealing that being an anti-poaching ranger is far more than just a job—it’s a calling. Their unwavering bravery and dedication shine through as they act as the last line of defence between ruthless poachers and the precious wildlife they seek to exploit. Their stories serve as a testament to the human spirit in the face of ecological crisis. 

Filmed and edited by Jess Donnelly.

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Learn more about Jess!

An emerging conservation filmmaker, photographer, content creator, and social media marketer with over a decade of experience, Jess traveled to South Africa to film and follow Global Conservation Force and its efforts to train a new generation of community-selected rangers for reserves in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. A one-woman show, Jess did it all—from steady cam to drone flights to the final edits—delivering an inspiring and impactful conservation film that urges the audience to take action. The Global Conservation Force team was honored to have Jess tell one of our field stories.


Instagram: @jess.donnelly

Meet Blake Moynes and The SOSA

Blake Moynes is a conservationist dedicated to using his celebrity platform to bring more awareness and action for wildlife conservation and protection efforts! Blake is a wildlife ambassador for Global Conservation Force and is an honorary ranger after participating in the 2023 GCF Annual Ranger Training in South Africa.

The SOSA Connects You With Your Passion &
Purpose In The Fight to Protect Wildlife

At The SOSA, our mission is to unite conservation enthusiasts (you!) with a passionate alliance of vetted wildlife professionals, partners and non-profit organizations, all dedicated to preserving wildlife and advancing conservation efforts. We’re not just another conservation company, we are the only conservation company; we’re your gateway to a world of positive change and action with a chance to make a real impact on our planet’s most precious species. Spread the word with our exclusive and limited-edition merchandise that tells a story of hope and commitment for our most vulnerable species, or connect with like-minded individuals and organizations on unique wildlife experiences.

Together, we are the Saving Our Species Alliance.


Meet Mike Veale

Mike Veale, CEO and Founder of Global Conservation Force, is a renowned wildlife expert, conservationist, and anti-poaching ranger. With extensive experience in wildlife protection, he has dedicated his career to conserving endangered species and combating wildlife trafficking. Mike’s work primarily focuses on Africa and Asia, where he leads initiatives to safeguard biodiversity and train local communities in anti-poaching techniques. As an instructor and advocate, his efforts have made significant strides in wildlife conservation, earning him a respected place in the international conservation community.

Meet Dr William Fowlds

Dr William Fowlds is a wildlife vet in South Africa. Will’s passion for conservation started in his childhood where he spent days in the wild African bush of the Eastern Cape.  In later years, his fifth generation family farm was converted along with neighboring farms into what is now known as the Amakhala Game Reserve. 

Will attended school at St. Andrews in Grahamstown and pursued veterinary science at Onderstepoort in Pretoria. A significant aspect of Will’s career is working with rhinos across Eastern Cape reserves, developing close connections with them. He has witnessed the devastating effects of poaching firsthand and has successfully saved numerous rhinos, including Thandi, from near death.

Will travels both within South Africa and internationally, sharing his personal experiences of the harsh reality of poaching. He also discusses his innovative veterinary techniques that help rescue rhinos from critical situations. His heartfelt stories have drawn global attention to the plight of rhinos and other endangered species.

Dr. Fowlds is a key partner at the center of many Global Conservation Force programs and efforts in the Eastern and international conservation arena.

Learn More About Kariega Game Reserve and The Kariega Foundation

Kariega Game Reserve is a family-owned and operated Big 5 private safari reserve located in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. The reserve is situated along the Garden Route, making it the perfect South African safari destination to complement a Cape Town visit and a trip along the country’s beautiful coast. 

This malaria-free game lodge incorporates 11,500 hectares of pristine African wilderness, as well as two abundant rivers – the Kariega and the Bushmans rivers. The reserve offers five safari lodges to suit all needs. Experience close up game viewing of the Big 5 – lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard – as well as multitudes of other South African wildlife from the comfort of an open game drive vehicle.

The Kariega Foundation

The Kariega Foundation, a core partner of Global Conservation Force and a non-profit trust, pioneers the sustainable protection of biodiverse landscapes in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province through the unique approach of building conservation through community involvement.

Everything in nature exists in perfect harmony and balance.

Working in partnership with Kariega Game Reserve, we harness the influence of eco-tourism to unite a conservation community with the collective will to protect and preserve our beautiful, biodiverse landscapes and wild animals forever, by creating awareness and raising funds to advance the development, education and well-being of communities that live within and around our expanding boarders.

Our numerous and diverse projects flow from these core motives to conserve and protect our wild spaces and facilitate community development, education and welfare.

Our vision is to build a conservation community that works collectively to rejuvenate our planet, people and wildlife.

In the words of Lindy Sutherland, CEO of the Kariega Foundation:

“As custodians of this wilderness, we understand that if it does not serve us all, the wildlife, fauna and flora as well as the neighbouring communities, we will have failed in our mission to protect it forever. Sustainable conservation demands that we build conservation through community.”


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