Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee

Education Outreach Coordinator

Education Coordinator

Lauren grew up in Singapore before moving back to her home base, San Diego, California. Her passion for nature and animals started at a young age and has only grown, leading her to a career in conservation and organizations like Global Conservation Force.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree in biology from Loyola University in Chicago and started working in the veterinary field in 2013. Her passion for wildlife and conservation led her to obtain a master’s degree in conservation biology from Miami University.

 Lauren currently revolves most of her work around habitat restoration with a vision of expanding her work to other biodiversity hotspots around the world. With habitat loss being a large factor in the decline of wildlife, she became fueled to make a bigger difference in the field. Her projects include working with San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research where she helped restore critical habitat for the local California Coastal Cactus Wren. In 2015, she happily accepted a position with San Diego Zoo Global as a certified informal educator where she inspires guests from around the world about conservation. This allows her to bring awareness to human-wildlife conflicts, one being the poaching crisis.

Her experiences help her to reach out to communities about habitat restoration, preservation, the necessity for empowering environmental stewards worldwide, and teaching others how they can make a difference. She aims to make as much of an impact as she can for threatened species in need of human intervention with Global Conservation Force.