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2 Jul

Emergency Response Funds – Pangolins

July 1st 2020 Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital, NPO, South Africa In response to a public call for help, we answered with a R8,487 ($500) donation. The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital […]


1 Jul

Emergency Response Funds – Rhino Conservation

In response to the Covid19 economic impacts we initiated an emergency response fund to aid our long time wildlife conservation and protection partners. This emergency fund has been made possible […]


1 Jun

Snow Leopard Project Update! “Ghosts of the Gobi” Mini Doc Released!

If you’ve been apart of the Global Conservation Force community since 2015, you’ll remember our long journey, almost three years, to get a drone funded, designed, built, and used for […]


13 Apr

Pangolins and Wet Markets. Lauren Ayres, GCF Pangolin Projects Coordinator, Joins Corbin Maxey To Discuss It All

“In this episode, we highlight one of the world’s most unusual and trafficked animals, the pangolin. I sit-down with wildlife conservation professional, Lauren Ayres. She’s the pangolin conservation coordinator for […]


12 Apr

200 Masks Funded For Our Community Conservation Efforts With Nourish, In South Africa, To Help Families In Need During Covid19

This week we sent the funds over for 200 masks to help our community conservation partners Nourish, just outside of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. You can help […]


3 Mar

Collaring Elephants in South Africa

Photo Above – A GCF team member helps collect toe nail samples from the elephant while it is under anesthesia. March 3rd 2020 Teamwork and collaboration are truly necessary to […]


2 Mar

Australia – Shale Hill Project Site Winds Down

Shale Hill WildLife Project Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia Written by Chris Laursen, GCF Head Field Medic Instructor and GCF Shale Hill Project Coordinator. As a result of the devastating bushfires […]


15 Feb

World Pangolin Day 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020 is World Pangolin Day! Not an anteater, nor an armadillo, the pangolin is most closely related to modern-day carnivores! However, they have fulfilled niches in their […]


11 Feb

African Painted Dog Funding Updates!

Thank you all for joining us last night for our African Painted Dog Presentation with our partner Dr Greg Rasmussen of Painted Dog Research Trust. It was a jam packed […]


22 Sep

“Making A Ranger” Documentary – WATCH HERE

Between 2008 and 2018, more than 7,899 rhinos were poached in South Africa alone. In that same decade, more than 1,000 rangers were killed worldwide in the line of duty. […]