Save The Horns UPDATES!

Thank you all for your support up to this point in our major campaign! With your support we all have made a massive dent in the program development and habitat expansion goals!

Phase 1 of the habitat expansion was just completed on Kariega Game Reserve, which included the purchase of an important piece of biodiverse habitat, and the dropping of an internal fence line.

We are extremely excited to announce that we are nearly fully funded for Phase 2 of the habitat expansion and wildlife reintroductions! The funds currently cover;

  • The building of the cheetah boma/soft release pen, in preparation for the re-introduction of a cheetah coalition. 
  • Dropping the last major internal fence, which then opens up all of the newly acquired land and the original kariega reserve lands, making it one continuous large habitat.
  • The fortification and upgrades of the external fence lines in preparation for the expansion of habitat use by all big 5 animal species!

We’ve sent 500,000 rand/$32,000 over to our partners at Kariega Foundation to facilitate these next steps!

On the GCF front, the current funds raised from Save The Horns campaign have allowed us to pay for the building of two small houses for our senior rangers and Instructors at the GCF-Kariega anti-poaching base, maintain and expand our Mounted Unit training operations, add on more content to the community selection Anti-Poaching Ranger Training Course (bootcamp), and fund animals moves and technology needs within the reserve wildlife protection operations!

In total we have raised an impressive $70,000 USD for rhino conservation, habitat expansion, biodiversity securement, wildlife re-introductions, and the increase of wildlife protection elements for the expansion of continuous habitat!

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