Successful Rescue Mission In Mexico

We are pleased to share the full story of the successful rescue and transfer of a young Margay (wild cat species) to the proper authorities.

Over the last three weeks we’ve been working on a unique illegal pet trade/counter trafficking case in Southern Mexico. The illegal pet trade and wildlife trafficking is a global issue and hurts ecosystems and endangered species in many areas of the world. In this specific case a Good Samaritan made the choice to get help to this entrapped margay.

Margay are appendix 1 and are a threatened species in Mexico. This young female margay will be a strong candidate for re release and hopefully have lots of baby margays in her life time. We are pleased to share its a closed case for us and that the young margay is in the proper hands at the Invictus Foundation wildlife care and rehabilitation facility.

Everyone has the power to do something positive for wildlife, whether you are on vacation or see something in your own “backyard.” If you don’t know how to start, you can always use apps like “Wildlife Witness” to report suspicious or malicious activities involving wildlife. We would like to extend our gratitude to all of the authorities who worked in collaboration to help facilitate this formal rescue and transfer.

Click Here >>> To Watch The Video

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