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14 Feb

2023 Community-Selected Rhino Ranger Class Graduates

Please allow us to introduce the 2023 Class of Global Conservation Force Community Selected Anti-Poaching Rangers. After a grueling 5 weeks the recruits are now rangers. All 10 have confirmed […]


27 Jun

Coyote Peterson Joins Ranger Training with Global Conservation Force

Coyote Peterson, celebrity wildlife presenter and conservationist, joined the Global Conservation Force advanced anti-poaching unit Instructors in the South Africa to see what it takes to be an anti-poaching ranger! […]


4 Mar

Sponsored Training Courses For Rangers In Southern Africa January to February 2022

5 Global Conservation Force Anti-Poaching Instructors recently wrapped up a month of advanced training workshops in Southern Africa. 87 anti-poaching rangers, from 11 private and national parks, received sponsored training […]


28 Jun

A New Generation Of Anti Poaching Rangers Have Hit The Ground Running!

Give the recruits a round of applause, they are now anti poaching rangers! After a grueling course they’ve taken their final exams and field assessments.  Each anti poaching ranger recruit […]


28 Dec

Volunteer in Africa with GCF

Get hands on experience, in Africa, while working on or in a GCF project. Become an Anti-Poaching Ranger in Africa The Global Conservation Force Introduction To Anti-Poaching Training Course is […]


12 Apr

46 K9 Anti-Poaching Rangers Sponsored With Gear In The First Quarter Of 2020

46 Anti Poaching Rangers, K9 Handlers, Mounted Rangers, and K9 Trainers have been sponsored with gear so far this year (January to March 7)! Thanks to you! Without your support […]


11 Sep

Intro To Anti-Poaching Course Sept 2019

Join us for our two day introduction to anti poaching course. For ease of access and attendance we have broken the course into two days. Sept 28th 2019 – Day […]


7 Aug

August 2018 – Sponsored Combat Medical Courses for Anti-Poaching Rangers Working In The “Rhino War”

As part of Operation Rhino Shield, our main conservation effort, we have been busy providing multiple advanced training workshops, classes, and courses for rangers working hard to keep rhino safe. […]


1 Aug

GCF Australia Team Deploys to Provide Sponsored Combat Medical Courses to Frontline Anti Poaching Rangers

Our GCF Australia team has started another set of ranger training workshops across Southern Africa. What better day would be better to announce the start of another one of our […]