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25 Apr

Thank you for supporting our Mounted Anti Poaching Unit Efforts

After a busy morning training rangers, in South Africa, Mike and the Instructors team left the training course to go visit our mounted anti poaching unit.   This was the […]


2 Feb

Mounted Anti Poaching Unit Update – January 2019

Sitting in the dawn of my second week in Africa and it is easy for me to think I’ve not accomplished much since our horses are not yet in place. […]


1 Feb

Mounted Unit Update | December 2018 to January 2019

December 2018 Update December has been a relaxed month for the horses. With poaching threats high and a few festivities in between, the horses have been able to enjoy a […]


25 Aug

Mounted Anti Poaching Units

What is a mounted anti-poaching unit?  An addition of horses to an anti-poaching team. Much like dogs have been brought into the poaching crisis for their specific skill set, horses […]


7 Aug

August 2018 – Sponsored Combat Medical Courses for Anti-Poaching Rangers Working In The “Rhino War”

As part of Operation Rhino Shield, our main conservation effort, we have been busy providing multiple advanced training workshops, classes, and courses for rangers working hard to keep rhino safe. […]


7 Aug

GCF Combat Medical Instructors “Guests of Honor” at Anti-Poaching Ranger Graduation Ceremony

Global Conservation Force Combat Medical Instructors, Chris Laursen and John Green, were guests at a recent anti poaching ranger graduation ceremony in South Africa. Chris and John had just started […]


1 May

Mounted Anti Poaching Units Update – Patrol, Gear Sponsorship, and Ranger Training

Roxane Losey, GCF Director & Mounted Anti Poaching Unit Coordinator, has been hard-at-work while on GCF deployment in South Africa. To start, Roxane met up with our conservation partner Grant […]


27 Apr

“The Extinction Crisis” – Rhino Conservation Documentary, is now airing across the Nation!

“Down to Earth with Dagmar – The Extinction Crisis”, the rhino conservation documentary Global Conservation Force and NBC San Diego partnered on, is now airing across the US!     […]


23 Jan

Down to Earth with Dagmar – “The Extinction Crisis” – Rhino Conservation Documentary

Global Conservation Force and NBC’s Dagmar Midcap joined forces to film a rhino conservation documentary.     Follow Mike Veale, GCF Founder & President, as he takes Dagmar Midcap, of […]


14 Jan

Namibia Pangolin Conservation and Rhino Anti Poaching Unit Support 2017

Update written by – Noelle Alcorn, GCF Event/Corporate Donor & Sponsorship Coordinator In December, Weston, GCF Awareness Triathlete, and I travelled to Namibia for a little over two weeks and […]