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18 Dec

4 Weeks of Snare Patrols Coming to an End

Vuyo, GCF Field Ranger, has been busy with our partners at @CapeLeopardTrust for the last four weeks. Working on multiple sites in the Western Cape of South Africa. Each site […]


10 Oct

Sponsored Gear Helping Rangers Save Wildlife

Earlier this year we delivered a full set of patrol kit to rangers in the St. Lucia area of South Africa. These rangers regularly sweep the local reserves and protected […]


30 Jul

Snare Patrol, Snares Removed!

The Global Conservation Force anti-poaching unit returned to do a sweep of the area where they made the recent arrest. Luckily after a thorough search they only found 3 snares, […]


28 May

Bushmeat Poaching – Connecting Poverty and Poaching

Most of us have heard of how the illegal trade in elephant ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, and other high value products are threatening Africa‚Äôs wildlife but, the lasting impact […]


12 Jan

2021 Mounted Anti Poaching Unit Operations Expansion

We are pleased to share that our core mounted anti poaching unit is expanding its range of details and coverage. GCF mounted anti-poaching unit rangers are currently cross training on […]


25 Apr

“Snares” – the world’s most common poaching method

**LOOK CLOSELY**   SNARE – a trap for catching animals, typically one having a noose made of wire or cord. One of the most common and devastating poaching techniques used […]