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18 Jan

Meet the Artist Behind-the-scenes of the Thandi Collection Launch!

New Painting and Designs inspired by Thandi in progress by Azi, Founder & CEO of FashWand. So happy to be kicking off 2023 with a new collection featuring a very […]


23 Sep

Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit Upgrades, Updates, and Sponsorships!

With the amazing support from our donors, Los Angeles Zoo Conservation Grants, the Miami Zoo, and funding from our Save The Horns campaign we are riding forward! In the last […]


20 Nov

The 2020 Rhino Conservation Challenge Final Tally!

We are excited to announce the formal close of the 2020 Global Conservation Force #RhinoConservationChallenge. The funds raised were a much needed boost that helped us, and many of our […]