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23 Oct

In Loving Memory of Nala – GCF Conservation K9

  Today, we say goodbye to a true hero in the world of wildlife conservation. Nala, a dedicated K9 from Global Conservation Force, has lost her battle with cancer, leaving […]


28 Jun

Moving Into Our Second Year in Partnership with Endangered Wildlife Trust

Did you know that Global Conservation Force has 4 K9s on a deployment loan with Endangered Wildlife Trust? Each of GCF K9s, all Belgian Malinois, went through just shy of […]


16 Aug

Sponsored Training for K9s and Rangers in Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo

We are excited to share that we provided sponsored expert advanced training for the rangers and K9s of African Park’s, Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo. This beautiful habit is home to […]


8 Dec

Conservation Volunteer Programs 2021

Are you looking to make your next adventure conservation focused? Perhaps you are looking to grow in your professional experience and development. Maybe you want to travel with purpose and […]


20 Nov

Denali, GCF K9, Works To Protect Orphaned Rhinos and Rescued Pangolins

Denali, one of GCF’s Belgian Malinois K9s, has been rotating through patrols on an important wildlife protection detail for orphaned rhinos and pangolins in South Africa. No matter how serious […]


15 Sep

K9 Field First Aid Course Saves A Very Important Life

Just a few weeks after the K9 Handlers of the Eastern Cape, of South Africa, finished their GCF Sponsored K9 Field First Aid Course, taught by William Fowlds , there […]


4 Aug

K9 Field First Aid Training Course

July 30th 2020 We are excited to announce that we just held our first formal GCF Field First Aid Course for Anti Poaching K9s, taught by Dr William Fowlds and […]


26 Jul

Emergency Response Funds – Chengeta Wildlife K9 Veterinary Aid

Our friends at Chengeta Wildlife put out a public ask for help to cover veterinary costs for K9 Mitch. Knowing how difficult it is to fundraise in the current global […]


11 Sep

K9s In Conservation Presentation

Jacked Up Brewery, Escondido, Ca  5:30pm to 7:30pm Join us for this free special presentation as we discuss the role of K9s in frontline wildlife protection efforts with special guest […]


10 Jul

5 GCF K9s Arrive Safely in South Africa

All 5 GCF Belgian Malinois pups, on the first shipment of two, have arrived safely in South Africa, and are in the hands of our core partners Kilo9 Kennels! We […]