“Snares” – the world’s most common poaching method

“Snares” – the world’s most common poaching method
April 25, 2019 admin



SNARE – a trap for catching animals, typically one having a noose made of wire or cord.

One of the most common and devastating poaching techniques used around the world.

Snares are indiscriminate killers, catching anything it “snares”, and can remain active for long periods of time.

Poachers who use snares are primarily trying to feed themselves and their families.

However, there are poachers who use snares to catch a larger volume of animals for “commercial markets”, where they collect enough bushmeat to sell it.

Rangers around the world do routine snare sweeps and patrols to eliminate these traps. This is the lesser known side to patrols, but is equally as important.

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