• pangolin walking across barron earth

    World Pangolin Day 2020

    Saturday, February 15, 2020 is World Pangolin Day! Not an anteater, nor an armadillo, the pangolin is most closely related…

  • Tackling Wildlife Demand in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Did you know that we are tackling the demand of wildlife products such as rhino horn, pangolin scales, ivory, and…

  • Sumatra Anti Poaching Ranger Training And Sponsorships

    In December, Mike, President and Founder of GCF, spent time training anti poaching rangers in the Leuser Ecosystem, Northern Sumatra,…

  • Wildlife Warriors Course – Vietnam

    Global Conservation Force is proud to fund and mentor a new educational program in a rural elementary school in Vietnam.…

  • World Pangolin Day Party 2019

    We are throwing an International party for World Pangolin Day 2019! Are you ready for #WorldPangolinDay? Global Conservation Force is…

  • Global Conservation Force & Save Vietnams Wildlife partner to save pangolin!

    Global Conservation Force has partnered with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife in developing a set of trading cards featuring the endangered and…