Meet the Global Conservation Force Mounted Unit Horses!

Introducing Misty Dawn

The Grande Dam of the unit. She is an 18-19 year old Warmblood mare. She is the herd boss and protector of “her herd.” She is every new recruit’s first horse love and will forever be in our rangers hearts because of this. She is patient and safe but can be cheeky and obstinate as only an old lesson horse knows how to do!! She is great on presence patrols with her shocking white coat and large size. We call her the beacon of the savannah.

We recognize she will age out of daily active patrols in the future (because it’s a darn tough job) but she will stay on as our foundation trainer for new recruits for as long as she enjoys it. She enjoys being the dirtiest horse on the unit at all times! Her favorite animal is the leopard tortoise. She is Rose’s mom.


She is a 9 year old warmblood/quarter horse cross. She has been on the team for 2 years and is one of our founding horses. The consummate “Chestnut mare”, she is feisty and a wee hot headed and opinionated when pressed. You should rather ask if she would like to do something than tell her your plan. That said, she is by far our bravest horse and always loves to get as close to the animals as she can. There isn’t a thicket she won’t go through or hill she won’t climb and once she knows you have her back she 100% has yours. Rose enjoys long groom sessions, “helping” me do pretty much anything in the paddock, carrots and has a deep love of lemon creme cookies. Her favorite animal is white rhino

He is a 7 year old crossbreed gelding, probably native Boerperd/Welsh,etc. He has been in the job for only one year but excels at traversing any terrain with the ease and confidence of a mountain goat. He is barely bigger than pony size, but quite mighty, brave and speedy. He enjoys cutting new trails, investigating thickets and LOVES our “chase the poacher” exercise!
He patiently partakes in his “My little Pony” spa days with me and likes to just hang out with his people. If he could have any other job than APU horse, it would be to have a little girl of his very own to help raise. His least favorite animal is giraffe. He loves carrots and lemon crème cookies
His full name means “stone of help” or “foundation stone”. He is a 4 year old Friesan/Appaloosa X. He had only been lightly backed in a halter and bareback when we brought him home. We looked at him way back in November 2022 but he clearly wasn’t ready for our unit. The owner kept in contact and just knew he was right for us even in his “green” state. It turns out she was right. His solid mind,chill attitude and great potential sold me. We’ve had him just over a month and he has already been on patrol 6 times! He can be a little obstinate but once he understands the mission he is gold. He enjoys baths, carrots and of course, lemon crème cookies. He doesn’t have a favorite animal yet but seems like a friend to all

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