Tackling Wildlife Demand in Hanoi, Vietnam

Did you know that we are tackling the demand of wildlife products such as rhino horn, pangolin scales, ivory, and bear bile? Here is an update video from our collaboration project in Hanoi, Vietnam, one of the major cities for wildlife product demand. We are helping to engage and educate the next generation of wildlife guardians with 10 week long school courses.

“10 lessons at Thuy An Primary School of the course ended with a visit at Cuc Phuong National Park, Ninh Binh. Listen to the students’ feelings after the class is over.

Thanks to Three Monkeys Vietnam, Global Conservation Force for joining Wildhand successfully organized the first project about wildlife and the environment.

Hopefully, after this field trip and ten classes about nature – environment – wildlife, it partly help students gain more knowledge about the wildlife, have a broaden thier views about the environment around them. We expect that this can bring the real picture of wildlife conservation, environmental protection, nature and wildlife; it creates a friendly and rewarding environment, enhances the students’ imagination and creativity about life. And also set a litte fire on their hearts for who love the natural, wildlife and environment.” – Wildhand

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE UPDATE VIDEO >>> Wildhand Hanoi, Vietnam Education Project Video Link

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