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14 Sep

World Rhino Day 2023 – Call To Action!

World Rhino Day is just around the corner, September 22nd, and there’s no better time to come together and take action to protect these magnificent creatures. Rhinos are facing a […]


10 Jun

Education Outreach In San Diego

Lauren, GCF Education Outreach Project Coordinator, recently led a day of classroom education modules at a elementary school in San Diego. The students learned about the importance of umbrella species, […]


27 Apr

The United Methodist Church of Vista, California Awards Conservation Education Grant to Global Conservation Force

We would like to extend a rhino-sized thank you to the United Methodist Church of Vista, California for their continued support of the Wild Warriors conservation education program in Hanoi, […]


10 Feb

Pangolin Conservation Workbook Released! First Stop, Nigeria!

We are collaborating with Pangolino to bring 500 coloring workbooks and 600 stickers to primary and junior secondary schools in┬ásoutheastern┬áNigeria! We will use these materials to celebrate World Pangolin Day […]


11 Sep

Wildlife Education and Demand Reduction Vietnam 2020

Global Conservation Force has continued to tackle wildlife demand and trafficking issues with educational courses in the demand counties. One of those core projects is our Wild Warriors project, in […]


7 Apr

Three Different Virtual Fundraising Events!

We are very excited to announce that we have created three, very different, virtual fundraising events.   Each event reaches a different audience while providing something for the participants and […]


20 Sep

Tackling Wildlife Demand in Hanoi, Vietnam

Did you know that we are tackling the demand of wildlife products such as rhino horn, pangolin scales, ivory, and bear bile? Here is an update video from our collaboration […]


19 Jun

Wildlife Education and Demand Reduction – Vietnam

Global Conservation Force has been supporting a new conservation education course in Vietnam called Wild Warriors. This program, open on weekends to local elementary kids, was a free opportunity for […]


25 Apr

Wildlife Education Courses – Vietnam

Global Conservation Force has been focusing heavily on education in all project areas. Last week, we visited Hanoi, Vietnam, to help mentor a new project called Wild Warriors. This new […]


3 Mar

Painted Dog Research Trust Awarded $5,000 Check

We had a fantastic presentation on African Painted Dogs with Greg Rasmussen, one of our core partners, of Painted Dog Research Trust. We decided that tonight was the perfect opportunity […]