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14 Sep

World Rhino Day 2023 – Call To Action!

World Rhino Day is just around the corner, September 22nd, and there’s no better time to come together and take action to protect these magnificent creatures. Rhinos are facing a […]


11 Mar

Two Rhino Horns Confiscated

Members of the SAPS from Piet Retief made a major breakthrough after arresting a man in possession of two rhino horns on Thursday, 09 March 2023 around 09:00. The 27-year-old, […]


20 Sep

Tackling Wildlife Demand in Hanoi, Vietnam

Did you know that we are tackling the demand of wildlife products such as rhino horn, pangolin scales, ivory, and bear bile? Here is an update video from our collaboration […]


10 Jul

5 GCF K9s Arrive Safely in South Africa

All 5 GCF Belgian Malinois pups, on the first shipment of two, have arrived safely in South Africa, and are in the hands of our core partners Kilo9 Kennels! We […]


19 Jun

Wildlife Education and Demand Reduction – Vietnam

Global Conservation Force has been supporting a new conservation education course in Vietnam called Wild Warriors. This program, open on weekends to local elementary kids, was a free opportunity for […]


26 Feb

K9 Training Sponsorship

Cyrus, the new K9 anti-poaching ranger at Kariega Game Reserve goes through exercises with his trainers.  Photo Credit:  Kariega Game Reserve.   With their speed, natural hunting instincts, and incredible […]


26 Feb

Meet Denali, our new Belgian Malinois!

Meet Denali, our new Belgian Malinois, who will be working with anti poaching units in the Greater Kruger Park region of South Africa. She’ll help protect rangers, rhinos, elephants, and […]


5 Feb

Click here to watch the GCF / NBC – Down to Earth with Dagmar Documentary “The Extinction Crisis”

Watch “The Extinction Crisis” here!     For the GCF rhino conservationists, where the channel wasn’t available, we had this as a backup plan!   *Click the titles below to […]


22 Aug

Ways to get involved or help out!

Are you looking for ways to get involved? Or are you looking for everyday ways to help us fight against extinction? Want to help us with our conservation efforts, but […]