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  • Remote Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit (MAPU) Patrols

    The full suite of Mounted Unit Operations is in full swing. Just in time for the uptick in rhino poaching…

  • From Intern Horse Groom to Jr. Field Ranger

     Welcome to the Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit, Pro!   We are excited to formally announce our newest full time Mounted Anti-Poaching…

  • Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit Cross Training Day

    The anti-poaching recruits got to learn about horse care, mounted patrols, participated in several drills to show the advantages of…

  • Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association logo

    GLAZA Awards GCF With Second Grant To Support Mounted Anti Poaching Unit

    We are honored to receive our second grant from GLAZA in support of our mounted anti poaching unit. The Greater…

  • Community based conservation education day with Amakhala Foundation and the Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit

    With great ‘Thanks!’ to the Amakhala Foundation we were able to facilitate bringing horses to the Sidbury Primary School (South…

  • Mounted Anti Poaching Unit Update – December

    We are thrilled to announce the next developments in our Mounted Anti Poaching Unit collaboration project. With the support of…